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SharePoint Online

The norm is that most companies like to own assets as there is a familiarity and comfort associated with buying hardware and software in a box, installing it, putting the box in the storeroom and knowing it’s always there.  However, Office 365 can be an excellent entry point to CLOUD for customers with a view to improving their end-user experience and aligning to an effective business strategy.

What is SharePoint Online?

It is collection of web-based tools that help your organisation store, share and manage digital information.

Its core offering offers the following:

Sync and Share documents

Customisation of forms

Content Management

Asset Library

Why should you use SharePoint Online - benefits?

 Accessible and manageable from any application and or personal device via the web and therefore is not limited to being logged onto the company network.

Integration capabilities with Office such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allow for the management (store, access and edit) of the same even across non-Microsoft applications, for example editing through Safari browser on an iPad.

Low infrastructure costs with regards to data storage as this is all stored in the cloud. This significantly reduces CAPEX allowing this budget to be reallocated for operational expenditures that may be more critical.

Automation of business processes through the workflows and alerts allows for increased operational efficiencies.

Rigorous data security policies that ensure the following:

Non-disclosure of the physical location of the data centres

  • Data encryption (Bitlocker encryption and secures traffic with SSL over HTTP)

  • No data mining therefore the data is not used for advertising purposes.

  • Multiple layers of redundancy and backup are provided in the data centres.

  • The option to store the data on-premises or in-region is provided.

  • Multi-factor authentication as well as string password aid with identity protection.

Saves time for IT staff as there is minimal maintenance related to backup, OS maintenance, SharePoint patches, etc. Maintenance is equally easier as upgrades and maintenance releases are provided automatically without service disruptions or additional costs.

Supports graphical business intelligence dashboards of business information.

How can SOIT Business Solutions help you?

It is important to have a contextual overview to customise the solution so that it works for you. As such, our approach always starts with a Business Analysis exercise to understand the pain points to address these accordingly and address the customer’s needs. Figure 1 below is the methodology we adopt before implementing the solution. 

SharePoint Online with office 365 resized