Layer2 Business Data List Connector (BDLC) for SharePoint.

Most companies still store their data (information) on shared folders on their local network but are starting to transition to SharePoint Online because of the cheaper data storage costs. The Layer2 BDLC aids with this seamless transition by ensuring that there is real-time syncing of the information (folders and files) on a local network without any copy and paste exercise.

What is the Layer2 Business Data List Connector?

It is a 100% SharePoint based, codeless, browser-based solution of which the connection can be set up in minutes. More important is the fact that this solution will integrate any external data source directly with native SharePoint 2007/2010/2013/2016 lists and additionally has the ability for workflows to be triggered by external data changes.

Why should you use Layer2 Business Data List Connector (BDLC) - benefits?

  • No programming or tools are required for the connection set up or subsequent syncing.
  • Synchronisation can be done manually on-demand OR automated using the scheduling function.

  • Auto-mapping and manual field/column mapping is supported as well as data type conversions.

  • Reduced licence costs for Line-of-Business (LOB) systems by using this to expose enterprise data.

  • Data provider for multiple protocols such as OData (SAP, Dynamics, etc.), CSOM (SharePoint/Office 365), Exchange, XML/RSS.

  • Supports multiple data sources such as ODBC, OLEDB, OData, ADO.NET – based providers, files (Excel, XML, CSV), SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, IBM AS/400, Informix, PostgreSQL, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory, Navision, Notes, SAP, ERP/CRM/CMS systems, RSS feed, XML Web Requests and Web Services.

  • Optional use of write-back to data source feature in real time, full CRUD (Create, Update and Delete).

How can SOIT Business Solutions help you?

It is important to have a contextual overview to customise the solution so that it works for you. As such, our approach always starts with a Business Analysis exercise to understand the pain points to address these accordingly and address the customer’s needs. However, if you already have SharePoint Online, then the process is faster to implement.

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