Dynamics 365

What is CRM Dynamics?

Aptly summarised, this cloud-based solution with minimal infrastructure related costs at implementation helps organisations of all sizes to transform productivity through digital transformation. It primarily does this through the automation of its core offering as detailed below.

Its core offering offers the following:

Sales & Marketing: Bridges the gaps in the sales process by increasing efficiencies and more understanding of campaigns and clients.

Operations & Finance: Management of orders, inventory, and invoices becomes versatile.

Service Management: Management of resources such as contracts, knowledge resources and team calendars helps to keep teams on the same page. 

Why should you use CRM - benefits?

Low implementation costs as this is a business-in-a-box solution.

Its core applications/modules as highlighted above cater for the basic requirements of any business entity, from SMEs to large corporates. This gives one a consolidated view of the customer on boarding lifecycle: from initial contact to after-sales support.

Allows for streamlining of core business processes making routine tasks simpler to manage and effect thus increasing operational efficiencies.

Provides a business intelligence platform through the embedded Business Intelligence tools that provide insightful real-time reporting. These are available as charts and dashboards that are also customisable.

Affords integration capabilities to other systems to ensure a robust solution that can be used by the entire company.

It can be enhanced by adding other modules as needed that relate to marketing, lead generation, mobile capabilities, advanced analytics, etc.

Comes with the flexibility to be hosted online or on-premises.

How can SOIT Business Solutions help you?

It is important to have a contextual overview to customise the solution so that it works for you. As such, our approach always starts with a Business Analysis exercise to understand the pain points to address these accordingly and address the customer’s needs. Figure 1 below is the methodology we adopt before implementing the solution. 

dynamics 365 modules resized