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Workforce is the backbone that drives organization's growth, it’s also an organization's most expensive asset. With the growing challenges in the present economy, workforce management solves real problems and delivers significant results. Kronos was born to protect the most precious asset of organization – the workforce and to facilitate the exploration of this asset to find a treasure trove of information. The information that aid in making the right decisions, which have an impact on bottom line. Kronos is a leading provider in the Workforce Management space and ensures that workforce is tracked, developed and rewarded resulting in lower costs and optimized productivity, not to mention better employee satisfaction.

Sochin services portfolio has a comprehensive range of services designed to help you to speed up Kronos implementation, enhance the value of Kronos solution, proactively promote organizational buy-in and support, actively solve critical business issues, and provide support for allied systems.

We utilize a proven, structured approach to implement Kronos solution – all supported by strong project management and flexible education and change management offerings to help project success.

Our consultants have experience in the following:

  • Workforce Timekeeper.
  • Workforce Scheduler.
  • Workforce Integration Manager /Connect.
  • Workforce Data Collection Manager / Device Manager.
  • Workforce Setup Data Manager.
  • Workforce Record Manager.
  • Workforce Absence Manager.

The Sochin Value:

  • Low Payroll Expenses.
  • Reduce Overtime .
  • Anticipate workforce demands.
  • Systems Integration.
  • Reduce Enterprise Cost.
  • Improve Efficiency by better problem handling.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • More efficiency through optimized use of your IT environment.
  • Preference to prime and own the risk associated with multiple vendor implementations.
  • Competitive consulting rates.

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